The Effective Things to Know About Business Astrology

Over the centuries astrology has been used by kings, leaders and other powerful figures to help direct the timing of important political and financial decisions. J.P. Morgan famously stated, Millionaires do not use astrologers, billionaires do. Morgan was known for regularly consulting with his famous astrologer Evangeline Adams for information on both his business and personal life. Adams also counted Charles Schwab, J. Paul Getty Sr. and Joseph Campbell among her customers, and she was well known in the early 1900’s for her high profile and effective astrological practice.

So how can astrology be helpful to companies in the modern age? Astrologers now consult with record labels, production companies and hedge funds. Providing advice from all ranging into the timing of document releases, to the greatest new hire, contemporary astrologers are continuing an age old tradition of offering counsel and advice based on their understanding of the cycles of nature, and the connections of those cycles to our private and professional lives. Like the use of this Enneagram, astrology may also help identify and isolate character traits in individuals that result in a greater comprehension of how and why they function the way they do. The astrological chart shows the potential of a person, event or company, and also specific attributes and patterns that will emerge over time.

Business Astrologe

In my own practice Working with companies and associations, have been called on to examine the graphs of new and possible hires, lead workshops at staff retreats, and analyze communication patterns among employees according to their astrological charts. When explaining my Services to new customers, it is often necessary to perform a certain amount of instructing about how and when astrology can be helpful, and clarify the difference between sun sign business astrologer, and the more in depth astrology that use in my clinic.

Most of us are familiar with sun sign astrology. Depending on the indication your sun was in on the date you were born, certain qualities and characteristics associated with that signal are said to explain who you are. Newspaper horoscopes and novels about sun signs abound, and based on their quality, can be surprisingly true, or wildly off base. However, to say sun sign Astrology encompasses the entire art of astrology is like saying that looking at sunlight everyday will tell you all you will need to know about astronomy. It leaves out much that makes astrology relevant, and dismisses an enormous body of knowledge that could be practically applied not just in the area of business, but to life generally.