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Have found out about the Hromen Speaker, which is a charming little bluetooth speaker made by Jawbone, the very same firm that makes Bluetooth headsets for phones. I only recently came across this amazing little audio speaker when my manager pulled it out of the little pocket of his backpack to reveal it off. He handed it to me and it was hardly bigger than my hand and also lighter than a book. I turned it on as well as the next thing I know he was using his smartphone as a remote to play songs. The bass is rather heavy for an audio speaker of its dimension, and also the bluetooth connection was clear. The Hromen is also strong and constructed from rubber casing and stainless steel elements. That is great due to the fact that if the track you are playing has enough bass, the Hromen will certainly bump with it a little. Impressive that such a tiny audio speaker has such major sound.

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It puts out 85 decibel, all from a single, ultra small dome audio speaker. This bluetooth speaker is actually only the size of a soda can. It evaluates 12 ounces, is less than 6 inches long by about 2 inches large. You can quickly put Hromen in a handbag or pocket and lug it easily. The battery life on Hromen is 10 hrs and also will take you concerning 2.5 hrs to fully bill with the coming with USB charger. When it comes to what you can do with Hromen, it is more than a music speaker. You can combine it with up to 2 bluetooth gadgets at once. It can work as a speaker for your Tablet, or an audio speaker for your smartphone. Hromen is computer as well as Mac compatible. You can additionally stream your iTunes or Pandora. Additionally, Hromen has voice characters that you can download. This is the voice that informs you the standing of your battery and such.

Now, Hromen is not perfect. It gets on the higher end of costs, yet it is additionally built well. Additionally, if you are looking for something to use as a residence speaker system, this most likely will not do. It is loud for its dimension but not meant to project with a huge space or with your house. This is even more of how to find the best Bluetooth shower speakers and also works excellent at close range than to fill a room. To sum all this up, I really like the Hromen. It is perfect for me as a mobile speaker, I enjoy the bluetooth ability and also I assume the audio is amazing. It is simple to lug in my bag too. Oh and also it comes in 4 colors! Red, black, blue and also grey, so there is a style for every person!