Digital Menu Board Software – Why Go Digital?

Digital signage is very Versatile, and many quick serve restaurants are currently taking advantage of the system by installing digital menu boards. The retail food industry depends upon suggestive selling and up-selling. Digital menu boards provide a vehicle to efficiently and suggestively sell higher margin items in order to increase profits and so create a better return on investments. Aside from the clear advantage that digital has compared with the out-dated static versions, the following are additional benefits:

Understanding the Up-selling Benefits

You do not need to keep asking your clients whether they want chips with their meal – the digital menu boards efficiently do this work rather by creatively catching the customer’s attention and enticing them to buy. Because of the high display resolution, viewers also receive a refined look in the food products, rather than looking at static pictures. In 2010 when Burger King first deployed digital menu boards within their Birmingham and London locations, their sales increased by 65 percent in under a year.

Screen Menu Prices and Change Prices Quickly

Out-dated static boards are quite cumbersome when it comes to upgrading the menu regularly. However, with digital menu board software, which makes adjustments to the menu, such as modifying costs or adding new things is a good deal simpler and quicker. The program can even be scheduled ahead of time to trigger exceptional promotions right and also remotely handled so that head office has complete control over the entire network of screens.

Digital Signage Reduces Perceived Waiting

Adding some engaging content like menu details, information, or various types of entertainment helps to decrease a client’s perceived waiting time. This also gives customers a reason to keep taking a look at the displays and the restaurant may notify clients about new promotions and products. Generally, clients are given something rewarding to do as they either wait or eat, which ultimately contributes to a better client experience.

Promote Brand Consistency

There’s always a likelihood of a worker forgetting, or even failing to make the right changes to static menus. But when you use digital menu boards, you are assured that all places are consistent and properly updated. A promotion can be launched in all restaurant locations in the same moment and monitored remotely. Furthermore, once digital menu boards are set up, maintenance and upgrading are very straightforward. Digital menu boards are effective and efficient. They offer a dynamic method of communicating with clients, driving up sales with promotions and special offers, and providing an efficient platform to control and track the restaurant’s menu.