The Instagram Video Function: Why you should use it

Insta video content is becoming increasingly popular recently on social media. This makes it a great advantage for anyone who wants to market themselves. This trend shows that businesses, large or small, are visual communicating with customers, followers, and fans. Our Social Media Marketing team researched the benefits of Instagram videos.

One of the most well-known platforms for marketing is the video function.

Instagram has more than 150 million active users. You can share photos and short videos on Instagram. This platform is highly recommended as there are millions to millions of videos being shared every day. Here are some of its main benefits.

Higher Engagement

Instagram videos, unlike video posts on Facebook or Twitter that can be overlooked by users despite their quality and importance, are seldom missed. Forrester’s study found that Instagram videos are more engaging than Facebook posts and have a higher engagement rate than Twitter. An Instagram account that has interesting and useful content can help you get insane levels of engagement. Learn more about likes kaufen Instagram.

Building Trust

Video content is becoming more popular. One of the main benefits of using the video function on Instagram is that it builds trust. Trust is key to people buying from you. The Instagram video function will allow you to build that trust with your followers. This function lets you share your day in an informal and casual way, giving customers, followers, and fans a sense of one’s business.

Instagram has shown that sharing behind-the scenes activities is highly ranked, especially if the service provider is involved. These videos can make a company look more professional and trustworthy, which will positively impact one’s marketing.

Traffic Increase

Although clickable links cannot be added to videos, they are still a major source of traffic. The video function is also more engaging than Facebook and Twitter, so it can be a tremendous help to your site’s visibility.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Instagram competition is still much lower than Twitter and Facebook. According to the American Express Survey, nearly 2% small businesses are using Instagram’s video function. This gives them an edge over their competition. It is evident that the video function makes it easier to reach your target audience quicker and more efficiently.


It is true. Instagram’s video function offers free publicity. You can show off your products and services in action, generating a lot of exposure. This feature allows one to showcase what they offer.